What is Digital marketing Definition Types Examples

What is Digital marketing Definition Types Benefits and Examples

What is digital marketing definition types benefits and examples

So this is the list of those questions which you will find in this article.
1 What is digital marketing definition?
2 How many types of digital marketing are there or examples of digital marketing?
3 What are the benefits of digital marketing?
4 How Much Time Does Digital Marketing Feel?
5 Is Digital Marketing Perfect for Your Business?

How easy is the internet today, would you believe that the number of people going online every day is still increasing?

Digital marketing is one of those efforts that use electronic devices or the Internet to promote their brands and products.

In this article, I will discuss with you all the complete details related to digital marketing definition its type, benefits, and all other useful details.

1. What is Digital Marketing definition?

Promotion of any product or service by using the Internet through any digital product (mobile computer) to reach consumers is called digital marketing.

Includes mobile phones, social media promotions, display ads, search engine marketing, are the other form of digital media.

The person or team responsible for this duty or duties they are known as the digital marketer.

2. What Does a Digital Marketer Do?

A person or team for developing strong and innovative digital marketing strategies using various techniques to attract traffic to the client ’s website and increase awareness of the company’s products and services.

Commonly nowadays these type of people known as SEO Manager, Content Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, and Marketing Automation Coordinator.

2.1 SEO Manager

SEO Manager is responsible for SEO efforts, including onsite and offsite optimization and keyword expansion research. In short SEO managers get the business to rank on Google by using various strategies


  • Develop and execute successful SEO strategies
  • Manage the team of SEO Specialists
  • Conduct keyword research to guide content teams
  • Review technical SEO issues and recommend fixes
  • Optimize website content, landing pages, and paid search copy
  • Direct off-page optimization projects (e.g. link-building)
  • Collect data and report on traffic, rankings and other SEO aspects
  • Work with social media and PPC teams to optimize campaigns
  • Keep abreast of SEO and integrated marketing trends

2.2 Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialists are a creative visionary in a company. When you visit a website and read an article, blog post or any other content on the Internet, a content marketing expert has created it.

Websites that provide interesting and relevant content to visitors, always keep old readers and attract new people.

During the physical creation process, these authors research a subject, find interesting angles, eye-catching headings, useful tools, and prepare your articles efficiently.

Content marketing experts meet editors and other authors to understand new article ideas and find out what types of content their readers want to see.

2.3 Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for the development of the brand’s social channels and public holdings. They monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments; Managing social media partnerships with other brands; Create and post shareable video and images according to demand.

They also strategy and execute digital marketing campaigns and gather data results from campaigns and analyze and use those analyses to development for increasing the number of site viewers.

2.4 Marketing Automation Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator will also provide general support to the Marketing Strategy department. The Marketing Coordinator will be responsible for supporting four major areas


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  • Administration of game and event advertising,
  • Marketing channel data gathering,
  • Billing, invoicing and administrative support, and
  • Writing advertising copy.

3 Digital Marketing Tactics/Types and Examples

Digital marketing type or strategies or strategy is a section where your digital marketing plan will describe how you will implement your strategy, and define the channels and tools used for your promotion.

It should define what you want to achieve regarding your main objectives? And how do you calculate your performance?


3.1 Your strategy should remember a few points at the starting phase

3.1.1 Summary of your each source medium – Which channel would you use?

3.1.2 Why have you selected each channel and implementation?

3.1.3 Customer segmentation which you will use and how each channel will be focused?

3.1.4 A summary chart for measuring the performance of each channel (individual).

3.1.5 What key performance indicators will you use to assess performance?

3.2 Digital marketing types

Types of digital marketing, digital marketing examples

3.2.1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing your content to bring you to the first page of the search engine like google Bing etc.

In other words .

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic (users) on your website through organic (natural) search engine results.

3.2.2 Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating high-quality, valuable content (images, blogs, videos) to attract, inform, and engage a targeted audience, for promoting your brand or for giving knowledge about any product or any service.

3.2.3 Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a technology that targets people to spread brand awareness or promote special products through social networks and their applications.

Social media marketing is considered as a more targeted type of advertising and therefore it is considered very effective in generating leads for brand awareness.

3.2.4  Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is really the act of buying traffic on search engines such as Bing or Google. PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. We can also ssayas buying visits to your site, rather than visits organically.

3.2.5 Native Advertising

Native advertising is the use of payment advertisements that match the same format, experience, and function of the media format.

These types of basic ads are often found in social media feeds, or as a recommended content on the web page.

Native ads are not like display ads or banner ads, these ads do not really look or feel like advertisements. They look like part of the content of the page.

3.2.6  Email Marketing

As understood by its name like marketing through sending emails. I personally believe that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more important than it is now. This is the highly recommended for every type of product/service provider

Email marketing helps you connect with your choice or targeted audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with email marketing, like sell products, brand promotion, event promotion, share some news, or tell a story.

3.2.7  Online PR

Online PR is an amazingly cost-effective way of selling or promoting your product, service, and brand to a wider audience market or targeted location market.

It is similar to traditional PR, but instead of telling information in newspapers and magazines it is done through online channels.

PR is about influencing people and getting them to trust rather than selling a particular service or product. Essentially this is the online stories about a brand by using quality content.

3.2.8  Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketing types Digital marketing examples

Affiliate marketing is a part of online marketing where advertisers are compatible with the appropriate online marketers or companies who will work specifically for them.

Their job is to promote a product or service to their existing users. These users will turn into new customers, buying products from referrals will increase sales.

Now affiliate advertising is the most effective one to a new online stream of revenue.

3.2.9 Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to software which takes the responsibility of your marketing automatically. The software is designed to assist you in executing your marketing tasks more effectively and efficiently.

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4 What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing benefits

Online marketing is more versatile than traditional traditional marketing, although all look the same.Here is the list of some benefits of digital marketing

4.1 Real time results

With traditional marketing, you have to wait weeks, sometimes even a few months before the boost is going on. In this battle of traditional versus online marketing, online marketing wins again due to its quick results.

You can see everything in real time, including the following:

  • Number of visitors
  • The most active time of the day
  • Change rates
  • Bounce Rates

When you have easy results in real time, you do not waste any time in taking action.

4.2 Quick promotion

Due to the real-time outcomes of online marketing, you get promotion quickly. If you do not, then at least you immediately know that this particular advertisement is not working for you.

4.3 Reduced cost

Newspaper advertising, television advertising, and the cost of choice are very high. Online advertising on the other hand some young entrepreneurs can afford directly with some saved money. Therefore, even those who go to school can also thank startups for the cheap price for online marketing. This in turn helps to expand the scope of marketing in the boundaries of age and finance.

4.4 High engagement

With traditional marketing, you cannot really communicate with your target audience. Before you can plan your next phase, you have to wait to answer. This is a long and difficult process.

Online marketing allows you to include your audience in real time. You can chat and discuss a lot about your brand or company immediately with the actual brand. Yes, it demands more engagement than yours. You have to be ready to invest in the marketing budget for a long time or a public relations team.

4.5 The development of the brand

Digital marketing versus traditional marketing data can be measured, but one thing does not take into account these statistics as compared to online advertising versus traditional advertising, it is an advertising image that increases online advertising. This is primarily with limited space with traditional marketing and the frequency of advertisements, digital marketing clearly wins this category.

4.6 Non-interference

People who buy the newsletter do not buy it for advertisements. People listen to the radio for music and weather forecasts. Do not forget that radio is already the concept of a dying. The people who purchase the magazine go to the content list for which the ads are not included. Therefore, it is safe to say, traditional advertising is mostly overlooked.


5. How Long Will It Take to See Results From your Content?


Unfortunately the answer is more complex than the question.

People expect to see results as soon as possible, but occasionally, it takes time to set up the best things permanently.

This can be said for content marketing; Business owners and marketers want to see results within hours of posting.

How much time does it really take? Unfortunately, each initiative is different and will depend on the steps you have taken to ensure the success of your efforts.

There are several variables that look at the results after your content and start doing SEO.

Things like Niche/topic, website design, domain age, Meta description, geographic location, competition, and targeted market all play a big role “how fast you can get traffic.”

Generally speaking, websites can see results in 4 to 6 months with these different factors that affect and should be remembered.

5.1 Quality of material

What makes a good piece on online content? Your content should be related, well-prepared, and for a purpose that inspires your audience to take action. Without these three factors, your content becomes inanimate and boring. The way to see results is to create content that your viewers want to see-meet them on the playground with the information they attract.

5.2 Frequency

You cannot post a blog article and hope to come in the sale. There are time and stability to start anything from the ground up. A best useful Content Marketing is a long time taking Strategic effort. To see results, you should often be prepared and committed to making content.

5.3 Adaptation

Google processes approximately 40,000 searches every second. To take advantage of thousands of people conducting online organic searches, you have to go inside your ideal buyer’s head.

How are they looking for your content, and what type of search term can you target to reach?

To show these words and phrases, to do keyword research and to optimize your content is a great way to reach people who are already looking for your products or services.

Make sure you are not going too overboard on keywords. This can eliminate the effect of things you want, which gives you fewer ranking on Google’s search pages.

Overstuffing keywords is not a way to see instant content marketing results.

5.4 Other marketing initiatives

Content marketing is most effective when used with other digital marketing initiatives such as social media, paid advertising and SEO. For example, if you have only 500 to 1000 followers on Facebook, sharing a blog post is not reaching very far from your initial follower base. However, if you promote your business or individual posts using paid advertising, then suddenly, your content reaches a large pool of people.

5.5 Be real

There is a very small possibility that your blog post is going to reach two million views on the first day. By determining achievable and achievable goals, you can evaluate precisely what content marketing strategies are working and which are not. Thus, do not expect your results to be immediate; Give your material time to get results of traction and garner.


As you can see, using search engine optimization for your business is not a size, it fits all tasks. The lower line is that if you are focusing on a small group of generic keywords, then you probably are not looking for those who are searching for you.

Consistency is important when it comes to SEO of any kind. Paste with your marketing plan, even if you cannot see the noticeable results after 4 months, time and commitment will give you the results of search engine traffic you want to see.

If you are constantly posting quality content, then a good time to evaluate your efforts will be quarterly. It gives your content enough time to get the speed, so you have real analysis to evaluate.

You should have enough data to begin the process of allowing your data to be determined by your sixth month. Let the data speak for yourself. Create content that connects with your audience and answers, and you have a recipe for success!



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