Why 1 million Facebook fans and followers are useless

If you have ever made a very successful campaign on Facebook, which brings you many new Facebook fans and followers, especially a Gated promotion where you asked that people like your page to participate, one of the mandatory results of this type of promotion Ultimately, at least those new fans and followers are leaving.

My advice? Let them go. They are unimportant. Social media is no different from anything else in life – quality is always better than quantity, and what you are doing is quality fans who really care about your brand, want to be your ambassador, and who you Say it is interested in it.

Fans who just came for the award and are now departing? It’s fine, and it’s not all bad because, with them, you’ve probably also got many quality fans. Let the unwanted fans know, and focus on getting new, quality fans.

How do you ensure that your promotions bring you to quality facebook fans and followers?

You certainly will not know, but I would say that any promotion where admission level is very low (only provide your name and email and you win) is guaranteed to bring you very low-quality followers. The greater the barrier for entry, the lesser the new fans you will get, but the ones you get will be of high quality.

The fact is that losing Facebook fans is not natural, it does not mean that you need to follow them. One great way to lose fans is to post disturbing, reluctant post. What’s so much Definitely more than once a day, but for many brands, I wonder whether the widely accepted “Daily Facebook Post” is necessary or not. Do most followers really want to hear from their brand every day?

I doubt it. I really think it’s ideal once or twice a week, but the widely accepted industry standard is a daily post (at least on weekends), so I’m going with it to most of my clients.

What is a troubled, reluctant post? On Facebook, it is best to post some views. A great picture almost always works. Some verbal, especially with lots of text, usually gets disturbed. There are brand-focused announcements that followers could not really care less like Facebook milestones (we got 10k followers! Yes! – unless you give a promotion to celebrate it); Launching a new website (brand is very important, not interesting for followers, unless the features of the new site are not, they can really be profitable).

In doubt, remember what applies to market as, usual, applies to social media marketing – as marketers, we should always answer the audience’s question, “What’s in it for me?” – If we can not answer it, then we may not post it.

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