5 ways of taking marketing advantages from social media

5 ways of taking marketing advantages from social media

Social media has been a game changer for any kind of sales businesses now. 10 years before Promoting, marketing and launching any product globally was taken lots of efforts and big budgets. Advertisement on prime time TV and other expensive mass media and to be effective required multi-million dollar budgets but social media gives the wings.

The wings to expand your audience this is very important to use all the advantages of social media for big and eye-catching promotion of your brand, features like to interact directly with the audience and most important you can it by yourself and also you can promote your brand at no cost or low cost. All business person (no matter how they big in size) start social media marketing but can’t take the full advantage from this.

Today I will discuss how to take full marketing advantages from social media, I hope this small tricks to gain about million people reach on social media like Facebook twitter Instagram or any other platform. But before reading this you have to know about how to create effective social media page, how to identify the audience and most importantly your sales reports without or before digital marketing.

1. Post regularly

This is the best way to take full marketing advantages from social media for your marketing at zero or low cost.
Always remember to invest in advertising takes money and effort. While running ads is not a final process, you have to always keep an eye on the update of your page as well share interesting, high-quality non-paid content at regular intervals don’t just start sharing random updates. Take the time to develop a plan.

marketing advantages from social media

Your success depends on how frequently and effectively will you post?
At the starting time of your campaigns it takes time to write and post a new update but after getting some experience process will getter shorter. Examine yourself how often will you sit down to write new content? It’s recommended that once a week, as that lets you sit down and do it all at once, but still keeps the content timely.

2. Share Deals

This is a great way to exposure of your name. Indian audience always loves an extra discount, cashback and free gift or gift vouchers. All companies now using this technique for selling product or service in India and all these tricks works very effectively. No matter if you are a small business owner just promote yourself from for your social media accounts by share deals or promo codes.

marketing advantages from social media

For example, you have a shop of cloths and you are giving 5% extra discount for review and share your deal on Facebook WhatsApp or any other platform it will work for you. You will get minimum 50 people who share this deal from their account. Give them reward as per your promise and believe me you’ll get a huge exposure in your business location.

You’re advertising your brand and products, but at the same time, you’re giving your followers a chance to save money on their purchases. Always try to running this type of advertisement ordeals at regular interval from your social accounts to keep your followers and local audience engaged and make them feel special.

3. Make Sure Your targeted Customers Know about Your Social Media Links

Each and every business has its own nature and its own targeted customers. This is very important to find or reach to your specified customers.

While you likely know the basic characteristics of your customer base, like an age range, which you can get a better idea of through focus group research.

4. Host a Contest

marketing advantages from social media

Hosting Contests are another excellent method of social media marketing and it also gives you chance to build your email marketing list. Hosting a contest online is very easy as compare to hosting contest offline. First, you have to decide about the prize (May cashback, your product, iPhone anything) But remember your final prize should attract the peoples for participating.

Never make fake promises with your customers and visitors related to your contest. Prize, Terms, and conditions, ending date, the Winner selection process should be clear for each and every participant from the beginning of the contest.

If you have the ability to host a good proper contest then it will boost brand visibility in a very short time.

5. Build Confidence most important marketing advantages from social mediaorganizational blog

To succeed with product promotion, you have to do more than just post advertisements on your social accounts. Existing customers and reviews always work as a diamond.

Good reviews always attract new customers for making a purchasing decision. It’s always good to use your old customer’s reviews, stories or experience with your brand.

Never try to generate fake reviews or stories to attract customer rapidly. Most of the time users can identify the real ad fake review. If your reviews and stories look fake or edited, it will impact down your campaigns.

Hope this all techniques will help you to take marketing advantages from social media accounts like facebook twitter Instagram.

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