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organizational blog for content marketing strategy is not new. Even so, many businesses do not yet have the corporate¬†organizational blog. Is it necessary? depends on. But blogs are essential in general corporations, despite the fact that some ‘experts’ claim that blogging is ‘optional’. Corporate blogs are often essentially a social media hub. However, now in 2019, the value of corporate blogging is not just about social media.

Although corporate websites or specific microsites often have locations where potential customers come in post-purchase stages and where they check “you” and see specific information, corporate blogs play an important role in many other stages. They have other goals from digital marketing or SEO rankings.

Ask any SEO specialist what is the role of content to achieve nowadays. However, I will add some of the implied benefits of corporate blogs in this article. Post it clearly corresponds to your brand offer and many potential business goals. ‘Access’ is being found to be fast enough. Keep in mind that this is always about buyers, target audience and people who want to reach and engage you.

Customer engagement is about functions in a related context. After all, it is about action and thus it is also measured. In addition, organizational blog simply play a role in customer acquisition.

Every day I am surprised to see how many businesses are still blogging “wrongly”. This is a new package in traditional PR: Corporate Blog is a way to say how great they are. But we should not be surprised. Just check the website copy and how often the content is created from a corporate viewpoint instead of the visitor’s visit. But this is for the second post.

Like any other form of content marketing/format/ channel, corporate blogs are about individuals and target audience. And most of them are told to solve the problems they face.

Remember that if you are required for your purpose, then there may be many blogs in your business. For example, you can create a blog for existing customers where you help them better use your solution. However, in this case, you probably will use the community platform with a strong blog component. There are adequate examples of such blogs- and content-driven platforms that cover products and solutions. But they are also built on the basis that they solve the questions and answer the questions of the community.

The strictly organizational blog is not about your solutions, in some cases, social networks can also be social media hubs, and even corporate websites provide various in-depth possibilities regarding social media marketing. But the organizational blog is definitely used as the main social media hub. They are the source of social interaction and facilitate communication.

However, it is the first and most important about business. And, if we see how buyers find information (or find it fast), the role of the organizational blog becomes even more evident. Content and organizational blog are not a goal but rather a means of the end. Today, more than ever, buyers, journalists, prospects and other professionals are increasingly looking for relevant content. They have more channels to do this, and with the advent of social media, they can share and find it in many ways.

Potential B2B buyers seek information primarily to search for information in search engines. The discovery of information is part of the buyer travel and buyers consult with many content sources. Therefore, blogging is about a lead generation by providing the right content at the right time, as is all B2B content marketing.

In some areas, blogs and content on purchase trips are even more important. This is also for specific industries. Also, keep in mind that the younger generation of decision makers are more connected and socially sensible. They rely heavily on blogs and social channels and recommendations. However, web search, questions are important for buyers’ answers, and blogs play an important role here.

They are searching for content! This allows us to share stories, attract and celebrate completely in new ways. The most important thing is that it provides a very personal way of incorporating people who are looking for answers, solutions or education. The blogs are essential in all content related marketing activities and most of the social media programs. Connection with bloggers and their readers or other bloggers, however, are key to success.

Why is the main reason for an organizational blog for content marketing strategy :

organizational blog

your potential customers consult with them. Make sure your best content marketing strategy “organizational blog” is relevant always, answers questions, resolves conflict and is trustworthy and fully customer-centric.

Blogging is also about viewing what other people write about their relationships with them and build them. Even B2B buyers make a lot of content in the form of comments or blogs. This is a great source of information and insights. In addition to blogging as an activity, blog marketing involves relationships with other bloggers and reaching other bloggers’ communities.

Finally, do not forget that a purchase decision in B2B is often a group process and as stated, the purchase behaviour depends very much on parameters such as industry, region or demographic. If we compare the behaviour of the so-called B2B social buyer (connected, socially and somewhat comparable to the ‘connected consumer’), then we see a big difference with the more ‘traditional B2B buyers’.

For example, the IT industry likes distribution channels or formats buyers. You will see that social media and blogs are used more by ‘B2B Social Buyer’. Then ask yourself what is tomorrow’s decision, but most people who keep the voice in the decision process in B2B, which is usually a group buying process, which includes many stakeholders and thus the internal influencers. Your goal is not only to include the person who signs the deal but before that plays any role.

Life of organizational blog Sites and Social Conversations

organizational blog are strongly integrated with other channels, and these blog activities will benefit your blog activities. Blogs are also the perfect complement to the various online marketing and business strategies we use and in which the corporate website plays an important role.

Although organizational blog can meet many other goals, their value is important in running our website and people in the company. By funnelling social interactions on blogs, you bring conversations, visitors, and interactions into your social centre, where you have the most ‘control’ (I know, this is a strange word), identify, change, and change resources and opportunities. Opportunities to involve people

This is also where people can register, who show their interest in what you say and do. organizational blog are great ‘social’ places to send people to your site and go from blog contacts to website visitors, identified contacts and ultimately business relationships. The model below shows how this works normally. By using the blog you can become part of the internal board of people’s trusted advisors. If you can get it, imagine only the results.

Essential Advantages of the organizational blog-

1. An organizational blog is your website entrance-

Websites are considered completely commercial, informative and transaction by most Internet users. Their goal is to help visitors find the information that they need to buy, together with customers, customer service etc. Their goal is to enable people to build, interact and work directly with your business.
Therefore, websites are directly related to business. Although it is important and one of the reasons for the organizational blog to enter your website entry point, a blog focuses more on the discussion, advice, insights, education, leadership, demand and generation of stories like what your mission is Or what your vision is.

2. Informational and narrative approach-

A more informative and narrative approach allows human buyers to quickly find modern buyers, this less commercial and more informal (personal and relational) approach is a benefit because it allows you to allow more people with the ways to find and buy information. the organizational blog is created to polarize the interests of the people and once meditation is captured, take it to the next level. They allow you to improve trust and reliability.

3. There is a possibility of being closer and more personal-

In opposing websites, blog entries are related to the authors, otherwise providing the face to the appropriate organization. This individual dimension also connects the sense of reliability, communication, relationship and community and acquaintance.

This dimension of personality does not end in the blog post and the author bios. It is also important to respond to other bloggers and reach and/or participate actively outside your blog. These activities provide a fast path to the personal network, reputation and community of readers on the basis of value and voice of contributions.

4. organizational blog allow more types of information-

A website contains the properties, benefits and benefits of products and services seeking potential customers. Do not blog, however, organizational blog allow you to zoom in to those topics or specific benefits that are tailored to your goals and what your readers search for in a personal way. By defining what you want to go with specific, strategic, practical, narrative, and informative or deep, you can write about almost everything that serves your goals and readers.

5. Presenting Them enables you for the best content marketing strategy-

The organizational blog allows you to create more content than websites based on clear content strategy and content marketing strategy, which fills the content gap and comes before the trip.

Each blog post and page is an entry point for blog, website and business. In addition, the organizational blog enables you to make content faster than the case of websites.

Keep in mind all these factors, search engines, traffic and the main source of interesting visitors.

6. Social conversations around you-

Apart from the relevance of blog posts and social interactions around them, they set an appointment for blog posts in natural search results pages. Search engines like good blogs result? You have more possibilities with blogs, create more entry points and develop more relationships and you are no longer dependent on tools and experts.

7. Building Communities-

organizational blog

The blog allows you to create strong emotional bondage and make less factual. An intense emotional connection is necessary to establish trust, reliability and loyalty. But identifying communities and making lines is also important.

These communities can create around shared interests. Therefore, if you blog about special topics, then the community will crystallize and their expectations are there. Reader’s expectations have been made at the beginning of the publication process, which is actually a corporate blogging.

Even when they meet after the launch and you share your passion, there are also strong community results. Participate in other communities too.

8. Sharing and Subscriptions-

Blogs grow on social sharing and conversations. They are designed for this. In addition, the blogs provide many membership opportunities to enter a personal and well-targeted dialogue, often with visitors.

Registration for one of these services is an indication of interest. The sharing mechanism has integration with RSS feeds and third-party interaction tools such as download platforms or email tools.

9. Blogosphere-

Blogs link to websites and another organizational blog all the time. In fact, joining other websites is a blogging best practice because you will discover further. Based on the blog, the blog’s engagement is one of the pillars. As a blogger, you also connect with others.

It provides new opportunities for the network. In the network economy, the power of the network is an asset. The ecological system of blogs and bloggers was created by creating, commenting, guest posting, access to other bloggers and creating communities.

10. A reaction machine-

By receiving comments and feedback, you can push many business goals and virtually anything you can ask for input or feedback that you want to know.
Sometimes in a unified way with other devices, the blog can sometimes be used as a feedback and monitoring system.

Response and input possibilities can be better utilized, with a clear goal of getting blog posts, making choices, conducting surveys and participating in communities and other blogs.

Note that most people will not directly comment or respond. However, you can definitely monitor almost everything that happens with your blog content in many channels including blogs.

Some other key benefits of organizational blog

1. Organizational blog Generate good leadership, reliability and trust
2. Blogs are company-owned media and allow you to keep media outlets.
3. While social media comes and goes, the blog is the only social platform that still remains because it is not controlled by a third party. You have a permanent social presence.
4. Sometimes we make mistakes. Blog posts are an open way of talking about openly and ‘human’.
5. The return of blogging is high. It is a cost-effective form of communication. Once the blog is created, it is made up of resources dedicated to maintenance, scheduling, and writing, spreading and following actual costs.
6. Communication with privacy. The roots of the blog are in conversation and are created to encourage them. People appreciate the least solitude in marketing.
7. If content matches what people are searching for and relevant, search engines prefer blogs.
8. Highly Integrated Environment
9. They are analytics and optimization champions.
10. Human and Relationship Branding Power

By looking at the organizational blog, you will become a better blogger in this way, because of this you will focus on communication, community, connecting and sharing. The most important thing is that it allows you to do more than look at those conversations which we like or not.

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