Pest Reject (Pack Of 2)
Pest Reject (Pack Of 2)
Pest Reject (Pack Of 2)
Pest Reject (Pack Of 2)
Pest Reject (Pack Of 2)

Pest Reject (Pack Of 2)

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The Fastest Way To Get rid Of All Mosquitoes & Pest!

Pest Reject, a uniquely designed ultrasonic Pest Repellent that removes all the bugs/pests and also prevents them from entering your home again.


Pest Reject emits ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to human & pets. The same sound waves are unbearable for cockroaches, rats, ants rodents, making them run away. Pest Reject not only forces them out but prevents further pests from entering. 

No more suffering from vapours, deal with pests in a highly advanced and smart way with our one and only Pest Rejects.


All-In-One: Remove all mice, insects, lizards, spiders, flies and more. The sound waves cause them to escape and not to come back again.

 Varied Sound Wave Frequency: Pest Reject Switches the frequency of the sound waves constantly, preventing bugs from adapting and immunizing at a fixed frequency.

Safe & Soundless: It's 100% chemical free, and emits no harmful radiation at all. It operates silently, making it safe for small children, babies, & pregnant women.

Wide Coverage: It covers an area up to 1000-1200 square ft. Which is wide enough for entire dining and bedroom as well.

Plug & Go: You have to plug in this little device and let it work like magic throughout the day. The effect will be visible in just a week.

Ultrasonic Pest Reject: Your home has never felt this clean!

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Customer Reviews

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This is the first time that I decided to get ultrasonic pest repellents. I am sure glad I did because I was having a rat and cockroaches problem in the garage. Every night there would be at least a few cockroaches scurrying around and the sounds of rats too. After I put the ultrasonic pest repellents in the garage, I am not seeing cockroaches as I go into the garage, nor am I hearing the sound of rats either. These are really great if you have such a problem in your house, definitely recommended.


I was in the need of some low cost, alternative ways to keep pests out of my house. And I stumbled across this item and am so happy I bought this. I was worried that the sound was going to be too loud and scare my dogs, but that was not the case. This item has been upgraded as well so that the ultrasound is stronger and expands further. Installation is very convenient, with no noise, and the quality is very good. It took a few days to test, it was really good. i have plugged it in my dining room near the garden


So far it is the most unnoticeable and useful tactics in my anti-spider war. I bought three for each of my room .And it puts A kind of sound maybe that we can't hear but very sensitive to spider. To tell you the truth .I haven't seen any of A spider since then! The most important point that it's harmless and economical, which makes it safe for my three year old son. ,It starts to work, working as a nightlight as well.


I was to say the least sceptical about these pest repellers. Getting close to winter bugs and spiders had started coming in where it was warm. My wife being terrified of bug said we had to do something. Then to make matters worse we got a mouse. I found these and the ratings were good so I gave them a try and I'm so glad I did. The mouse dispersed and we haven't had as much as a mosquito. These are amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone as a safe alternative to poison and traps.


The packaging is very good, not broken or squeezed. The appearance is very good, the effect is also very good, after using it, the effect is very good, there is no noise. Very clean. After using it, no longer be afraid of small animals such as cockroaches, mice, and mosquitoes! The price is also very favourable, and the seller's service attitude is also very good.