Freelance Jobs rules not to follow before apply

Most of the creative and experienced professionals or employees and students at any point in our life think at least to work as a freelancer to leave their office jobs. Freelance professionals are not permanently employed by a company, and therefore are “free” to work on a project-by-project or client-by-client basis. here in this my today article, I will share my experiences with few things apart from digital marketing, marketing automation or you may say that rules not to follow before apply freelance jobs from home

Whether full-time or part-time, independent work generates self-employment altogether, some people believe that independent work is “work with freedom”. This is not always the case. Working with 100% freedom gives you a high risk of failure.

Here at, I have collected much information about what I think about freelancing at the beginning of the freelancing career. Here is a small list to remove some common misconceptions about freelance jobs. I hope that avoiding these things will have a good future in the freelancing industry.

1) The approach I am my own boss.

Many professionals believe that things are easy when you are self-employed or a freelancer. To some extent, this can be true – especially because you have “fewer questions” against you as compare to the work of many owners or bosses in any type of company.


Remember ever thought that freelancing is very easy because to work for yourself, means now you often have many projects instead one (at the same time or different time), but different projects mean communication and handle different customers.

Yes, you are your own boss but with own self-discipline, motivation, and self-organized for everyone – it is beneficial and very important for any freelancer to develop own system or work procedure checklist to handle every customer or project at a single time. No matters you are doing your job from home, School or from any cafe, stability, and routine from project to project is important.

2) I can work from anywhere at any time.

Believe me, this is the biggest factor in deciding to go freelance, and also it’s a completely valid statement about your freelance jobs and career. Forget about getting up early morning, Traffic, late in the office, Scheduled lunchtime, predefine sign off time everything because freelancing gives you the power “work from home”, yes your hours can be flexible according to you.

freelance jobs from home

Keeping this in mind, people (Mostly overseas clients) often believe that “freelance” is synonymous with “always available”, So sometimes you have to follow the routines as per your client’s timing but sometimes not all the time.

Your hours should be realistic. You can’t say any client that I am working from homes and my timing are very flexible or I worked when I got the time. It impacts very negatively. Work from home gives the only advantage that you don’t move to one location to other location for work. Going office from home also takes 1-2 hours per day it’s also a saving which you can cash through freelancing.

But you have to set your strict working hours like 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night. So this is completely a myth that you can work anytime. Think about it….

3) Lots of earning in freelance jobs.

This statement should first be first on the list but I give it third place. Due to many blogs and youtubers peoples thinks that making a place in the freelancing industry is very easy.

freelance jobs earningMy dear friends yes it is easy not a rocket science but not that as easier like youtubers say in their videos. Earning 10k dollars in a month, 60 dollars per hour all thing s are totally fake.

Don’t start your freelancing career because it’s easy. 60% people didn’t find the projects in initial 15-30 days. Yes, truly getting a project on the first day is a miracle. There is no trick, book, and person who can give the surety the same that you can earn 60 dollars from the first hour.

So just focus on your profile, Skills, Subskills, create a good portfolio then think how to sell yourself. There are many websites and platform, provides good quality jobs and project in bulk. But first, you have to make your own profile as per the standards for approval.

Remember websites like up work ,Fiverr, freelancer now very strict to give approval to any profile so it is very important to create a freelancing profile in a good manner.

Now come to the point as many peoples say on internet or YouTube that they get 10k dollars per month or more. That’s true but ask them how much time efforts and rejection they face in their career.

I am telling you with my personal experience that for making 10k dollars per month it may take minimum 8 to 10 months. Also sometimes customers will take a long time to pay for you.

4) I only work that I am interested in.

last in our list rules not to follow before freelance jobs from home always remember

Less work means only less money

working only on things you are interested in can be quite true in freelancing industry but it’s not so profitable, if you want, design an advertisement post for a School just design it, But after a period you have to provide all features with include design an image like provide Social media management with the image, Post an image, writing content for the image, Copywriting for the image, So you have to update yourself time to time to earn more money.

It is sometimes very different It is being said that, when you are working as an area competing in the form of a freelancing world, you cannot stop potential work from a potential customer base.

So next time never says about freelancing that this is easier or “better” than any other job.  In any industry, at the end of the day, to do a good job at whatever you have to do requires a hard and careful effort inside the traditional office or like digital freelancing workplace outside.


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