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At the end of the year 2018, there is a stir in all digital marketers. Use of many marketing automation tools and software increases 300% in 2018, but at the end of 2018, these tools become useless for more than 60% marketing experts due to lots of changes in algorithm and flood of content creators. Even peoples with millions of fans and followers are unable to generate traffic on there for websites. Seo and other high-quality content generator techniques work well in the starting of 2018 but after 3 or 4 for months the SEO techniques do not work the same for all digital marketing and content marketing. Here We are finalizing the next year’s strategic mixing and strategy, refining the goal, and setting goals- with the intention to run bigger, badger and better results in all new years. now here we discuss some techniques or method for best SEO for 2019

The world of digital marketing in term of SEO for 2019 is changing.

When it comes to setting up your SEO strategy for 2019, here is an important position to keep in mind: 61% marketers improve SEO and increase their biological presence, their top insights are marketing priorities.

For more than two decades, SEO has been a basic digital marketing strategy but now the content has increased, and innovation and technology have changed how we hit search-competition at a high level at all times in the with rapid changing google algorithm.

What is the store for us in the SEO practice for 2019? Here are our top SEO predictions and trend marketers should now know and keep an eye on the new year.

1 – Mobile users will fly more than ever

After more than a year of use, Google released its mobile-first index in March 2018. With more than half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, this step shows Google’s continued commitment to searchers to serve the best quality content, where they are searching for and ‘where again.

Mobile-first indexing means that Google is now using the mobile version of the page for crawling, indexing, and ranking systems instead of the desktop version, which was the default first. According to Google, mobile-indexing does not provide a ranking advantage, and it is different from mobile-friendly evaluation.

However, since mobile web traffic has started to dominate the search landscape, therefore, to remain competitive, sites should be mobile-friendly and show up in mobile search results continuously. A poor mobile experience can cause a decrease in other ranking factors, such as bounce rates as shown below.

Source: Think with Google

Although many search marketers have seen this change, Google’s research has shown that “we have analyzed 70% of mobile landing pages, it took more than five seconds for visual content to appear on screen, and It takes more than seven seconds to load all the visible content above and below the fold. “For the load time, they are setting up a mobile benchmark which is low for three seconds Is.

This means that it is time to put your flag firmly in the 2019 fully mobile-friendly camp. This means to make sure that you are able to provide the best possible mobile experience, evaluate your web presence, SEO strategy and content. If you are unsure where you are standing, you can start with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to check that how easy it is for your visitors to visit pages on your website.

2 – Voice Search will become the soul of your content to get the best SEO for 2019

“ok google”The metaphor is out of the cat bag when the sound is easy to find. According to TechCrunch, one of the six Americans is now the owner of Smart Speaker. By 2020, Gartner predicts that 30% of web browsing sessions will be made without screens. After all, there was over one billion Voice Search per month till January 2018. And this trend is increasing because of the error rate recording of less than 5% with natural language processing (in English, at least) with voice search platforms because users get more reliable results.

However, switching on voice search will come with a new set of challenges for the market and this is the natural language. By May 2017, approximately 70% of requests to Google Helper have been typed in natural language based on specific keyword-based searches like the search bar.

Consequently, in 2019 and beyond, marketers will be very important to optimize and create content that lends itself to sound search. From a technical perspective, the page speed, site security, and general suspects of the domain authority will play an important role here. But at the end of the day, it’s all about ensuring that the content of your site can be easily found through voice search.

How would that content look like to working SEO for 2019?

Backlinks found that the average word count of the voice search result page is 2,312 words – and these words are written at ninth level.

In addition, it would be more important than ever to think and try to match the search purpose. The marketers will need to focus on what to say as “having the best answer”. This means focusing on answering those questions are your ideal audience and ask whether they are talking to smart speakers, smartphones or web browsers.

Now Google is essentially a reply engine

3 Extending the market of alternative search platforms

Google is still the king of search. But with the changing of its market share, along with “non-traditional” search platforms, more challenging is being challenged by traditional search engines. For an example Amazon, Youtube, Facebook.


Recently the market Report reports that Amazon is now the third largest digital advertising platform behind Google and Facebook. This may be a best target in your life to get best seo for 2019

According to kenshoo, 72% of shoppers now use Amazon to find products, and 56% shared that they usually see Amazon before any other site.

Therefore, as Amazon searches continue to find its foot in the digital advertising market, it is worth considering the size and development of your audience because you finalize your 2019 budget.

For Google’s similar engines, Bing will continue to be a major player in SEO and paid search marketing in 2019. It is about 22% of the desktop search market in the US and 4.1% of the mobile search market.

With the recent rollout of LinkedIn profile targeting, their offerings are becoming increasingly attractive in the B2B market.

Finally, alternate search platforms such as Duckduckgo, Startpage, and mosaic are increasing in adoption – and you can bet that this trend will continue in 2019.

In fact, Dakadgogo will kill record traffic by the end of 2018, according to Edwin. At the time of publication of this post, “Internet Privacy Company” had filed more than 9 billion direct questions in 2018.

While Google has still come to the highest market, boasting more than half of the search market, marketers should take care and consider additional platforms while designing their SEO and search marketing (and content) strategies.

Not just because the usage is growing. If you want to push the most for your paid search balance, the competition on the alternative platform is still very low-it’s time to mature with the occasion.

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4 Requires smart strategies to get healthy seo for 2019

For healthy SEO in 2019 keep remembering “Internetization is a contemporary face of globalization, it includes modern equipment of electronic globalization and embraces digital connectivity and the empowerment of the Internet and the world wide web.”

And as soon as Internetization is increasing, B2B brands of all sizes have the opportunity to expand their global footprint. But whenever and wherever they are discovered, it comes to reaching new audiences, you will need a smart global SEO strategy in 2019 and beyond.

seo for 2019

Many experts believe that “Serving a global audience begins with understanding them.” “By getting insights on your audience through the People’s Powered Data, you can create a strategy that matters to them and reaches them in the local language in which they speak this may be a best working practice to get good seo for 2019.”

“Based on the potential value of these global users, it may not be wise to translate the full site or to offer free global shipping, but translating a page that targets the most important international keywords Besides, it is not complicated. In addition, companies can take the first step towards global SEO, seeing their website where and how Google At an international level, they can get some low-hanging fruits worth building a strategy around.

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5 Increase bar on content – or your competitors will eat you

EAT SEO is a serious concept in the game. Google has often told us many times that quality content will help shield with algorithmic changes and updates.

Your content needs to follow only three basic principles: expertise, authority, and trust to best SEO for 2019.

seo for 2019

SEO for 2019, it means that it’s time to double-down on quality content creation. As we mentioned earlier, that quality content needs to meet relevant search objectives and try to provide the best answer for the searcher.

Creating quality content is not just a long format or short-form question. This is the content that has been created in the end user’s mind. People who read high-quality content should be informed, entertained, or otherwise paid. This is finally being shared socially, which is another factor in how Google sees the trust of your content.

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Final Thoughts About Seo for 2019

I hope you like this article based on SEO for 2019, There you have it! 5 of my favorite Seo for 2019. These techniques will give you a leg up when it comes to managing and building your presence on the internet next year. They’ll also save you time, money and a ton of frustration!

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