Why you are not viral on social media

So you’ve read all the SEO information, digital marketing technique tools,content marketing and lots of other remedies. After millions of blogs and thousands of you tube videos now you have the knowledge about online marketing, blogs and you also know how to build internal links, Social media sharing, how to get traffic and all that but till you don’t have a name and you are thinking about why you are not viral on social media.

A very simple question– you’re doing the same as everyone else! because anyone can get the same knowledge as like you from the same source.

Believe me for 2019 that are spammer than that awful processed meat is not an option anymore for the upcoming year

There is an only single way these days to make an identity in this blogging or content industry- it’s all about creating “content” in quality, not in quantity. also, you know social content sharing is always similar important too.

Create your content ( blogs videos anything) like your life depends on it.

Here in this post, I am not going to discuss how to make quality content (Capable for viral on social media), but we take a look at what is missing in our good quality content? why people or your own followers don’t share your content.

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viral on social media

just observe a thing-The content that gets shared the most on the web, makes an impression because of its unique style and original. People share content which stands out from the crowd.

The Internet is dominated by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumbler, no one can deny the powerful effect of social media sharing.

Viral on social media also effect on rankings and SEO, Now content sharing on social media platforms is an integral and most favorable part of content marketing and digital marketing. Many content creators also take help and advantages of various automation tools and software at very high cost.

OK, so now we know what that it constitutes great, Big bloggers spend their money but no one has the power and money to handle software and professionals for sharing their content on social media.

Now I told you why you might be missing the mark and miss out on content sharing opportunities.

1. Not so original and unique:

Original and unique doesn’t mean that your plagiarism report is 100% unique. Content maker is very smart nowadays they rewrite any content very easily but reader and Google are smarter.

Don’t try to cheat Google, it’s similar to cheat your own self-content

On a daily basis now gets ignored. To make sure you get noticed and get the attention you deserve, you have to be original (and that means 100% original – not 30% original and 70% copy!) and you have to offer something different.

2 your content is not an answer to your follower:

Remember best content solves someone’s problem. Whether it’s telling someone how to make coffee, how to cook anything.

Most of the readers still searching for the best content on these following keywords how to write a great job application email, how to write a resume, previous exams paper and many other helpful things.

A good content provides the answer to someone’s question so it’s definitely going viral. people share with their groups to help their friends or colleagues, find out what questions are solved by your content.

In looking to get content shared, marketers and publishers should focus on content that will resonate and get people talking to their colleagues, friends and families.

3. Doesn’t impact for viral on social media:

The secret to content marketing success? Make an impact reaction. Whether it’s causing someone to laugh, cry, get angry or get excited.

viral on social media

For example, if you are you tube funny video creator, but what will happen if people didn’t laugh at your content.

If you are a successful content creator and people feels that it gets shared because people want other people to have the same experience and the cycle repeats.

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Don’t be afraid to be a troll

Other creator making your fun of your content and remember, you want to create a reaction on your users no matter they laugh or get angry. The biggest example for this I suggest YouTube content creator dhinchak pooja.

4. Poorly execution planning for viral on social media:

After the knowledge from the internet about content marketing, it looks very easy to make a place in your industry with the help of digital marketing or SEO techniques but these are not well enough for your content to viral on social media.

Content marketing is all well and good in theory but in reality, it’s tough, demanding and a huge time taking process- Also doesn’t work for all content makers. Why?

People don’t really want to share a rubbishy video or an info graphic that has been slapped with illogical design and facts. Also, they always try to find solutions, emotions and lots of many other things. So If you’re serious about content marketing of your content you have to keep an eye on these kinds of strategies along with other.

You need to make sure you invest time properly for the creation and execution of your content, extra effort and in some cases money, ensure the execution doesn’t let you down.

5. Not Finding the targeted audience:

It’s all about getting your content in front of the right people! the best content is targeted to a specific audience.

Before you create any piece of content think two things first about those people who have in need for your content and the second and very important that why you’re creating it? an answer can be anything like Is it to solve a problem? Share the latest news, update or information? Help them in the future?

Similarly, content doesn’t go viral on social media in a few hours – it takes a lot of time, hard work and updating after it’s been published by the creator to get it noticed.

If you are looking for your successful content, you have to involved in your content with 100% focus– simply creating anything for pressing ‘publish’ button now won’t work you.

Many key influence rs of your industry will also help you at the initial stage of your career so send your content straight to them on things like email, Twitter and Google.

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